Bump Update – Week 33

Weight: 1918 grams
Length: 43.7 cm

Even though Baby’s bones are hardening, the skill is not solid and the skull bones are not fused together. This allows for Baby’s head to reduce its diameter as it passes through the birth canal. Baby’s brain is developing more distinct functions and is capable of controlling breathing, digestive functions and body temperature. Baby can now tell the difference between day and night. Lungs are almost completely ready for breathing on their own and if Baby is born now, Baby would need only a little medical support.


As discomfort increases, you’ll probably be wondering about methods of pain relief during labor. It’s time to talk to your caregiver about the options you have, so that you’re prepared once in labor. You’ll be gaining about a pound a week at this point (yay…not), half of which is baby weight (literally). Your amniotic fluid is at the highest level now. Mild swelling at this point is normal; however, it’s very important to know the difference between this and the swelling that occurs with preeclampsia. Due to increased pressure in your abdomen, you’ll be urinating at all hours, which may add to your sleeping woes.


Alright, so as I’m writing this, I’ve already entered week 35, usually I try to update the last week as I enter a new one; meaning I should be recapping week 34 now, but alas, a lot as gone down lately! I’ll write about that in upcoming posts. Just as I entered week 33 (I enter new weeks on Fridays), it was my last work day. Boy, was it hectic. Luckily, I have some of the best co-workers. N knew I was staying late, meaning I’d also be late to the After Work gathering that was planned for 1 PM that day. So, after her last work meeting that day, she came back to work to help me fix the last few things. A, before she left, offered to take are of a few administrative things too. They’re really the best!

That Friday evening (June 28th) D participated in this Swedish walkathon called ‘Marathon Marschen’ or Footrally. Basically, the goal is to walk between two markers (cars) at a certain pace, for as long as you can manage. D had set a goal that he’d walk 12 hours straight. He did, but returned home mid Saturday so tired and kind of wrecked. He said that as soon as he stopped walking, his muscles tensed and he was aching like crazy. This wasn’t exactly what I, his pregnant fiancé, wanted to hear the day before our moving day (moving the last stuff out of the old apartment). However, after I drew him a bath and he got to sleep for a few hours, he was pretty restored. Moving day went without a hitch and we were able to have our first night in our new apartment and in our new and wide(!) AF bed. It measures 210×200, rather than our old which was 160×200. It was amazing.

Since I was the only one of us on official vacation, I spent the next upcoming four days unpacking our boxes and probably overdoing it a little bit. Damn was I ache-y, especially in my feet, when I finally relaxed properly. It wasn’t that I felt stressed to do the unpacking to be honest, rather that I felt like I needed to be doing something. The Swedish weather took a turn for he worse at this point too, so it felt like we’d moved on to fall weather; rainy and gray. Which meant that I wasn’t all that keen on being out and about anyway.

On July 3rd I had an appointment with my OBGYN who was back from her vacation. I updated her on the whole situation that had gone down while she was gone, the decreased movements and all that. On this day I had felt so lethargic and felt so nauseous. Considering I made a pit stop before going all the way to see my OBGYN (I’ve decided to keep seeing my regular one and not switch even though I’ve moved, which means it takes me a little over an hour to go down to see her) to find my brother a birthday present; it resulted in me not eating anything that day before my appointment with her. When she took my glucose levels, she said they were, yet again, elevated. I explained that I hadn’t eaten and she said that maybe that was the reason for the levels. If your glucose levels are very low, the body can try to compensate for it by releasing stored sugar in your body. My OBGYN said that might be the case, but since I’d had an elevated level once before, she wanted me to book an appointment for a glucose tolerance test. My blood pressure was really low too, 90/50, the lowest I’ve had during my pregnancy. Other than that, things were well with Mini. My OBGYN said Mini wasn’t measuring as big as was suggested by the measurements taken by her colleague on June 20th. Rather she said that they measured quite differently. Mini still kept to its curve though measuring just the slightest bit over. My OBGYN said she wasn’t worried about a big baby though.

On Thursday, July 4th, we had a little celebration for my brother at a local restaurant in my area, a Vietnamese place. It was quite nice. The day before that I’d managed to find him a perfume! A Karl Lagerfeld fragrance: Bois De Yuzu. My brother was happy about it, since he’d requested something a bit more sophisticated. We ended the evening with some dessert at our apartment. I couldn’t quite believe that my baby brother was turning 28 years old!

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