Bump Update – Week 32

Weight: 1702 grams
Length: 42.4 cm

There isn’t too much space left inside the uterus and Baby’s movements will gradually increase week by week until this time when they will plateau but not reduce. If you notice any reduction in Baby’s movements you should report it. Baby will not run out of room and should continue to move up to and during birth. The fetal position is becoming a familiar position for Baby. The baby can now use all of the five senses and is busy looking around, practicing breathing, grabbing whatever is in reach, tasting amniotic fluid and listening to the sound of you and your partner’s voice.


The uterus is now about 13 cm above your belly button. This leaves so little room for your organs that breathlessness, constipation, and heartburn are becoming facts of your daily life. Due to the hormone relaxin, your hip joints are softening in preparation for childbirth and you may begin to feel like a duck, waddling from place to place. Your baby may lie head down at this point and pushing its way toward the birth canal. If Braxton Hicks contractions become painful, or regular, it’s time to call your caregiver, especially if you feel like you might be in early, active, or hard labor.


See? Even the app is talking about the importance of reporting changes in movements. I’m really glad that I made the decision! This week has been calmer, baby wise. Work wise, it was my last and final week before going on vacation and then maternity leave! Wow, last week felt never ending, whereas this one practically flew by.

In my last update I wrote that the OB I went to see mentioned how Mini was now head down, the day after that, it hit me! The pains I’ve been feeling, the ones that I’ve associated with an impending UTI (which never turns out to actually be a UTI) – is Mini pushing down on nerves and such. When I mentioned it to E, who’s also expecting (she’s two weeks ahead of me), she said she’d been feeling the same kind of pains since week 20 this time around. That calmed me a little too, whenever this hits (it’s like shooting pains down there), I usually have to stop in my tracks and get my bearings together.

Indeed, space seems to get more limited for Mini, the movements are much more sweeping (less kicks) and Mini’s different positions can change the whole shape of my stomach. Ha. It looks kind of funny . Sometimes it feels like a little alien in there, the movements are so clear and I can tell that Mini’s getting bigger and stronger. It’s so cool!

As for me, I’m not waddling just yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I actually managed to run (well, I wasn’t racing or anything) to catch the train the other day. Wow did my breathing get labored however, though it passed fairly quickly. In fact, besides having a hard time sleeping (not in any pain or feeling uncomfortable, just waking up early) at times, I feel pretty great. I haven’t had much problems with heartburn either, though chocolate (which I don’t really eat that often) seems to be a trigger. I’m starting to feel heavier though, at the last appointment, last week, it turned out I’ve gained another two kilos (oh, boy), luckily I don’t feel that big or very heavy. The light yoga I’ve been doing has done wonders, I don’t feel as ache-y anymore. In a way, I wish I felt heavier or more uncomfortable, as it’d be pretty great if my ‘God, I just want to give birth and have this pregnancy end’-feelings come. It’s a bit scary to realize that Mini will be here quite soon, meaning birth! I’ve had some coaching from a friend when it comes to breathing, I’ve watched a ton of videos and my new favorite Podcast (it has been for a few weeks now) is Förlossningspodden. A Swedish Pod run by a doula who interviews people about their delivery stories. So I guess I’ve done some preparations, but it still feels so unreal to think that i’ll have to go through it soon.

I kind of like feeling Mini like this and I think, even though I’ll be overjoyed whenever he or she joins us, that I’ll miss it. Miss this feeling.

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I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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