A bit of turbulence

I will do the normal bump update separate from this, since I feel like the continuation on last week’s post should get its own blog post. Last week was quite turbulent and caused a lot of worry and left me feeling quite drained.

Like I wrote in the last post, Friday June 14th I thought Mini’s movements were a bit different. They were still there though, so I figured it might be due to me being a little stressed at work, plus I’d been busy packing all of our things in boxes and was quite stressed about the move too. Then Saturday came and boy was it an eventful day! The day of the move! We moved the majority of our stuff to the new apartment. It all went way beyond my expectations, all the big things like the couch, TV furniture, TV table and all of our boxes fit neatly into the big truck that we’d rented for the day. My mom did take some stuff like one of our computers, my (digital) piano in her car, but still it all fit in one trip! I was so happy about that. My mom finally met D’s mom and D’s brother and friend helped us out throughout the day, seeing as I couldn’t exactly lift anything heavy. I did end up being a bit of a coordinator at the apartment though, you know, pointing to where everything was supposed to be and I even unpacked three boxes while they continued to move things.

Throughout the day I noticed that I didn’t feel Mini at all basically. Not even when we sat down for a late lunch, which is usually when I end up feelings things. Whenever I’m active I think it lulls Mini to sleep. When we got home that evening I positioned myself in bed, and even ate a Popsicle in order to prompt Mini awake with something that was both cold and contained a bit of sugar. Eventually I started feeling movements again, for a while they felt normal too, so I relaxed. I didn’t want to overreact either, but hey, pregnancy is no joke and you still have plenty of time to go over worst case scenarios in your head whenever you start to worry.

I felt pretty good during the Sunday and Monday was mostly okay. However, in the middle of Monday I realized that Mini’s movements, yet again, were different. They weren’t the rapid ones that usually occurs and throughout Monday evening and night, when Mini’s usually super active, I barely felt anything. There were movements, like Mini shifted in its place, but no rapid anything. I knew that at 31 weeks, maybe the space was getting much smaller, in turn making Mini move less. Still, I thought it was quite the drastic change. When I woke up on Tuesday, I awaited the movements. Usually, whenever I wake up I immediately start to feel Mini’s movements. This morning I didn’t feel anything though, I tried to poke and put some pressure to try and coax Mini to move, but nothing really happened. I got ready for work, when I got there I talked to one of my co-workers who’s been one of my confidants during this pregnancy (thank you, A!). It’s such a relief to be able to talk to someone who’s been pregnant and who’s gone through it. I was nervous since during Monday the OBGYN’s office had tried to reach me during the day when I was at work and I hadn’t noticed it. When I called back, and even went by their offices (since my work place is just around the corner), they’d already left for the day. D tried to calm me during Monday evening saying that if they’d noticed something really wrong, they would’ve called multiple times. However, back to Tuesday, I talked it over with my co-worker and then decided to go by the OBGYN’s office again as soon as they opened. There I got the news that my urine sample didn’t show anything and that everything looked good. I told her that Mini’s movements had changed and that I couldn’t feel much at all at this point. Keep in mind guys, this had happened during the move too so I thought maybe this was a sign that Mini might be in distress. She told me to call to the hospital where I planned to deliver.

It felt a bit dramatic to call the hospital, but on the other hand, I knew that I’d never forgive myself if ignored it and something was wrong. I spoke to a nice midwife who told me to lie down for 30 minutes on my left side, no cellphone or TV and to try and drink something ice cold. If things didn’t change, I was to call her back in 30-45 minutes. Since I was back at work at this point, I lied to on one of the couches and no, things didn’t change. I called back and they booked me an appointment. When I got to the hospital, the midwife hooked me up to a CTG and at first she had problems finding a heartbeat. I don’t need to write that I was terrified at this point, right? Eventually she found it though, Mini was nestled into the right side of my body, and it took a while for the movements to start, but they did! I was so relieved! It felt good that I went in though and to me it wasn’t unnecessary, it was just something that I had to do to make sure. The midwife said the same thing and after all, it had been their assessment too, since they booked the appointment.

So, in the end it all went well! However, this episode really drained me, plus the midwife told me to drink plenty of fluids and rest due to the fact that my blood pressure was low. Anyway, I’m sure things will work out great. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me about this and supported me throughout it, I couldn’t have done it without you.


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I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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En kommentar till A bit of turbulence

  1. Jasmine skriver:

    Vad obehagligt att inte veta och känna sådan enorm oro. Skönt att ni fick svar och att Mini är okej. Ta vara på er, båda två. ❤


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