Bump Update – Week 28

Weight: 1005 grams
Length: 37.6 cm

Mini is officially weighing over one kilo! It’s pretty crazy to think that when I was born (one month early, in India) I weighed 1200 grams. I hope Mini will stay put and go well past 1200 grams. This week baby’s eyes are partially open and the eyelids are able to blink. The eyes may have some color, but the final pigmentation requires exposure to light. In some cases the final color of the eyes cannot be determined with certainty until at least nine months after birth. Baby is now able to recognize different levels of light, even inside the womb. Even though baby still has to grow a lot, the little body is getting chubbier as fat is depositing under the wrinkled skin. Muscles are developing some tone as well. Baby now has 95% chance of survival if born at the end of this week. The lungs are better prepared to breathe, but would still need medical assistance.


According to the app it says that I might notice my memory becoming less that perfect, which is due to the emotional impact of pregnancy and often referred to as ‘pregnancy brain’. I actually brought this up with my boss as I do feel like juggling multiple things is becoming a bit more challenging and I’m not always feeling on top of things, however she reassured me that what I was actually juggling was a lot and would be for anyone. She sat down with me and helped me prioritize, I cried when I got home due to the relief! I really do have the best boss as well as co-workers!

Other than having to pee more frequently, another joy of pregnancy. During this week I felt the weight of the pregnancy, literally, in my feet. Probably due to the fact that I’ve gotten into the habit of standing, always, at work. Something I’ve taken a bit of pride in, however, it’s quite taxing on your feet when you’re pregnant! It’s difficult allowing yourself to slow down, I guess it’s also a part of the whole ‘good girl’ thing. Us women are pretty bad at being kind to ourselves, aren’t we? Well, at least I am. Anyway, I’ve tried to sit down a little bit throughout the day, alternating a little. I use a chair that doesn’t have back support, but rather gets you to activate a straight spine and I like it. I’ve also started to walk to and from work in my trainers, rather than my beloved Converse that I use at the office and when walking to meetings throughout the day. It helps too, but every night this week, my feet has been aching. Foot rubs helps a little, but what’s good is to prop them up on a pillow and keep them elevated. Also, I know it’s vain, but it feels kind of ‘ugh’ to have to give up so much of the more fashionable stuff that I own and replace it with convenient things instead. Not that I’d call my pre-pregnancy self very fashionable really, but more so than I am now anyway.

Since we’re in the middle of a moving process as well, weekends and some evenings have been filled with boxing and packing things up. This too is something that I’ve noticed has gotten more difficult this week! My feet ache so fast when I’m on them, so packing up one(!) box has transformed into a super workout. Oh well, I’m trying to allow myself to take things slower, but again, that’s not my forte. At least I’ve refrained from carrying anything, I stick to the packing. D gets to do all the heavy lifting and carrying boxes down to the basement for storage. When you talk pregnancy with people, you get so wrapped up in weeks, which makes me forget to think about it in terms of months. This is the last week of my 6th month of pregnancy! Seen from that perspective, it’s not that weird that my body is aching and that it’s telling me to slow down a little. Other than achy feet and a bit of an achy back if I’ve been seated too long, I can’t really complain! The quick heartburn I felt before vanished, it was basically just that night. Oh, but I have felt some pain in my ribs, like there’s weight on the pressing them outwards in a sense. It eases up when I lie down though.


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I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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