Bump Update – Week 27

Weight: 875 grams
Length: 36.6 cm

Mini’s growing a lot right now!
This week marked the end of the second trimester(!). Can you believe it? The last week of month 6(!). When you’re pregnant you usually talk a lot about weeks, it becomes a bit difficult to remember what month you’re in. Thinking about the fact that I’m soon in my 7th month of pregnancy seems to put it into perspective, we’re really getting closer.

According to the Pregnancy+ app, babies who are born between twenty seven and thirty two weeks have a good chance of survival. 80-95% of the babies survive depending on the week of gestation, the mother’s health, the reason for premature labor and the quality of medical care received. The baby is beginning to enter a very active phase in its cramped quarters. The amniotic fluid has decreased, which means you’ll feel every moment of your baby much more than every before. The baby will be practicing the sucking reflex in order to prepare for breast-feeding. The baby’s neurons and brain tissue are developing rapidly and the brain waves are working like newborn brain waves. Even though the baby’s skeleton is completely developed, the joints are not yet connected. If you’re carrying a boy, his testes will have finished their descent at this point. You’re baby’s immune system, liver and lungs are still continuing to develop and preparing to function on their own. The baby’s tiny eyelids have begun to open and retinas begun to develop.


The part about me being able to feel Mini’s movements much more than before due to the decreased amount of amniotic fluid, definitely holds true! Some movements, especially when they happen very low, can be felt to the degree that it has be gasping or at least think (or say) ‘whoa’.

During this week I had an appointment with my physician, not sure midwife is the correct phrase here, seeing as she won’t do the delivery; though I’m not sure. Anyway, for the first time she did measurement on my stomach to see if Mini followed the measurement. She told me that if Mini wasn’t there would probably be another ultrasound. Luckily, Mini seemed to be following the projections perfectly! The heartbeats were strong and fast, 155 I think she said. Or if it was 150. Baby was quite naughty though, Mini moved whenever she tried to find the heartbeats. Turns out I’ve gained 10 kilos so far, not sure what my feelings are about that, definitely mixed. Think it might make for a larger discussion for another time. What thoughts and feelings did you have about your weight gain during pregnancy?

According to the app, the uterus has come very close to the rib cage, hence, shortness of breath. It also mentions mild swelling – well, both are true. The breathlessness has been with me for a while though, might be due to my quite short torso though. The mild swelling hasn’t been too bad, but whenever the temperature climbs, I do notice a bit of swelling. Appetite wasn’t very good this week, probably due to stress at work though.


Om rhulth

I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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