Bump Update – Week 26

Weight: 760 grams
Length: 35.6 cm

While listening to music, you might notice that the baby moves ”rhythmically” in response to the sounds. Your baby weighs about about one and a half pounds (750 grams) now. The little brain is beginning a period of growth and over 50 percent of the baby’s energy will be used for this purpose. The lungs are developing air sacks (alveoli) and the membrane that allows for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is now thin enough to let the baby take a breath by the end of the week. Even though your baby’s skin is loose and wrinkly at this point, it will fill with fat during the third trimester. The baby’s eyes are completely developed and the brain is able to register various stimuli such as of sound and light.


This week was a rough one, my stomach was on the fritz and I felt so bloated basically all of this week. During the morning of the day when I entered week 26, I felt great. I even thought ”damn, I barely feel pregnant,” but that afternoon it all changed. At first I thought it was due to the fact that I didn’t have time to eat lunch at work, so I more than made up for it when meeting with a friend that afternoon. It started with a Poke Bowl with chicken (so good!), a vegan/lactose free Ice Cream at Stikki Nikki in Stockholm (the peanut butter is now my new favorite!) and then a cardamom bun (rather than a cinnamon one) at Bröd & Salt, which was heaven. The feeling of being bloated, and like I’d eaten lactose, stuck with me throughout the week and it felt like hell. It wasn’t physically painful or anything, it was much more mental. One of the days I even had heart burn, which I thought I’d be struggling with more (so I’m lucky there!) since I’ve had it pre-pregnancy; which was also such a pain in the ass.

So much for feeling not-so-pregnant prior to this week. Oh well. Mini kept on moving a lot and it was a mix of kicks and fluttery stuff. D has felt it a lot and also seen the movements on the outside; which is so cool! We’re both so happy about it.

Work has also been quite taxing lately, what I think I struggle with most is that in my line of work you got to be able to juggle a lot of new information and stuff. Normally, that’s all fine, even if I could get stressed pre-pregnancy, too. Now however, it’s much harder to keep juggling it all. I try to write everything down as soon as I get the information, but it’s not always easy and I just feel less than myself performance wise and it’s hard. I know I’m growing a human being, so I should be excused somewhat, but it’s so hard for me to ask for help/guidance or even admit that it’s getting to be a bit much sometimes. Have any of you struggled with this?


Om rhulth

I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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