Bump Update – Week 22 & 23

Baby (Week 22): Length 27.8 cm, Weight 430 grams
Baby is almost a pound and its movements are deliberate and with the purpose of preparing its motor skills and coordination. Even though hair is growing on the baby’s head, the color will be white as the pigment hasn’t developed yet. The baby’s skin is wrinkled and is of pinkish-red color, but still translucent. The limbs are proportionate, but the baby is still very thin, weighing approximately one-seventh of the the final weight at birth. The baby’s brain is beginning to have a period of rapid growth and development.

Baby (Week 23): Length 28.9 cm, 501 grams
Baby weighs about one pound (500 grams) now and by the end of this week has a 50% chance of survival if born early. The chance of survival depends on the week of gestation, the mother’s health, the reason for premature labor and the quality of medical care received. In the next five weeks the baby will experience a major growth spurt. The baby’s cerebrum, a part of brain that is responsible for memory, motor skills, and intellect, is preparing to be able to conduct communication between cells. REM have begun to occur during the baby’s sleep. The hair on the baby’s body is darkening and even the skin is gaining some pigment. The bones and organs are still visible through the skin; however, they will soon become less visible due to continued formation of fat.

I’ve been quite busy at work lately, but (knock on wood) I think I’m back on track. As such I’ve had to bunch these last to weeks together. There hasn’t been any major changes however. During week 22, I noticed that my appetite continued to stay more leveled. The Subway craving subsided too, though I still enjoy a half sub for lunch every now and then. A few weeks ago however I felt like I could live on them (hello, honey oat sub with chicken breast, bacon, salad, olives, jalapeños and garlic dressing!), I usually ate a whole sub(!) Something I could never do pre-pregnancy without feeling full all day after that. A few weeks ago though I felt just full enough after scarfing down a whole sub, ha! When people have asked me about cravings I’ve had a hard time finding ones, but I’ve also come to realize that I’ve had some, now that I look back. In the early stages of pregnancy I craved a meals that my mom used to cook when I was growing up, like her Italian pasta dishes. I mean I eat pasta all the time and cook different versions of her dishes and some new ones that I’ve created, but during the early stages of pregnancy I wanted it to taste just like her recipes. I’ve also loved NJIE’s lemonade, it’s sugar free and contains vitamins! Yum. Mini kept moving around in there and I was still quite surprised about how the small kicks and buffs are happening very down low, not in the middle of the stomach as I thought they’d be.

During week 23 I noticed that the size of my stomach varied a lot, I guess some of it depending on food, but also if I drank too much or even too little. If I ate a lot, damn, it felt like it could double in size. Alright, that might be over exaggerating, but you get the point. It was the first time I wasn’t able to fit into my low-waisted, stretchy, pre-pregnancy jeans and was happy that I had found a pair of comfy mama jeans from Topshop (model Leigh, and over the bump). The jeans fit me again at the end of that week, so yeah, a quite varied size of the bump! It felt like I was super huge at times. Something super exiting happened though, toward the end of the week D was able to feel movement by having his hand on the bump (again, very low regions here), but he felt it! We were both super happy about this.

This is all super exiting, but I’m starting to get a little stressed there’s still a lot to do. We gotta move and start buying more stuff before Mini’s arrival, we’ve started to make a list though, so that’s good. We’re gonna try to find some already used stuff, but also allow ourselves to splurge on some things.

To fellow mommies out there, you have any favorite cribs? Or other baby stuff that you felt were essential, please, shoot me a message!


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I'm an adopted 31 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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