Daily Prompt: Maybe


I haven’t been updating this blog, I know, and I’m sorry! But I’m trying to get back to writing, publicly at least. So, I noticed that the Daily Prompt is now giving you a word to inspire you to write a post about said word. Today’s word, as you’ve probably guessed, is maybe. 

 To me, it’s a word that I use a lot. Not just because I’m indecisive, but I’ve found myself using it as a little bit of a crutch, or maybe even an escape. First of all, I always want everyone to like me, you know, to a fault. I mean, ultimately, there are some people’s approval you really don’t need (but still…). As such, in the past (yes, because I’ve become better at standing my ground now), I often said ‘maybe’; when in reality, I wanted to say no. Maybe I just didn’t want to hurt someone, didn’t want to be rude and just say no. Or, I was too scared (or, let’s face it, indecisive) to say either yes, or no. You see how it can be used as a crutch? It allows you to stay in that limbo, during which you don’t need to commit. Sometimes, it feels nice, but more often than not, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. Which is why I’ve tried to work on it, and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling more confident about stating what it is that I want and feel now.

Also, I’ve always been one of those ‘maybe tomorrow’ kind of people, again more of an excuse and crutch. It might feel better to think that, ‘yes, possibly, maybe tomorrow I’ll go out for that run’, which means you can continue to slouch on the couch for an extra day (disservice!).

Sure, there are times that calls for a polite, non-committal ‘maybe’, but even those become quite transparent after a while. You know, those friends that you bump into, with whom you aren’t really friends. Each time you talk about how long it’s been and that you really should get together soon. You politely nod and agree that maybe when things has calmed down, then you’ll definitely get together. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

It’s still a nice little word, and while the ‘maybe’ might be used as an excuse that you tell yourself, in order to feel better about that run you never take, or the diet you never tried (or whatever, really). However, if you’re actually saying ”yes, maybe I’ll consider that,” and actually mean it, then it’s super great.


Om rhulth

I'm an adopted 30 year old woman with a master's degree in social anthropology. I work as a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I love to write, read and Netflix.
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