Three Things



{Infinity – Ring from Kyssjohanna}
I thought I share some pictures from my 25th birthday. It was an amazing day and here is a beautiful ring, a present from E, that matches a necklace that I got from him this Christmas. I loved this ring, it’s so perfect and simple. Of course the whole ”infinity” thing is quite romantic too, don’t you think so?


{Gifts – a picture taking in the living room with beautiful sunshine}
I just thought I’d share this picture seeing as I loved how the sunlight hit the living room at that moment also I loved the flowers that I got. The bouquet in the far back were a present from my cousins and the ones closer to the camera were from my parents. It’s actually quite nice to have those kinds of flowers around the house, I usually don’t spend money on flowers plus E has his plants and stuff so at least we have a lot of greens around.


{Banana Pancakes – Birthday breakfast}
Yes, that’s right banana pancakes. You simply mix one banana and two whole eggs and voila! Pancakes. And they were actually delicious I mean usually when you substitute sugar and other unhealthy stuff for healthier things, the taste usually isn’t all that good but this was amazing. You really ought to try it. You mash it all together and then fry, although E said that they were a little difficult to flip, but I’m sure that after a little practice you’ll find out what works best for you.

Om rhulth

En adopterad 29-åring med en masterexamen i socialantropologi, arbetar som biståndshandläggare och har en bakgrund som frilansreporter. Jag är en skriv- och läsfantast. Bor utanför Stockholm och kontaktas enklast via *** I'm an adopted 29 year old with a master's in social anthropology, I'm a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I live just outside of Stockholm and if you want to contact me, email me on
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