Three Things



{Flash – Stars necklace with cute caption}
Yesterday E’s mum (my ”mother-in-law”) popped by to say hi seeing as she and her partner are leaving for Guadalupe(!) this Sunday. And seeing as my 25th birthday is tomorrow(!!! Yes, I feel old…) she wanted to give me two gifts (or 2½) before they left. This was the first pre-gift and it was so wonderful, don’t you think! And what about that caption, I was really moved by it. I wore it today, thought that I might need a lucky star during my Psychology exam. Which felt okay at least, or something like that…or honestly I felt mostly exhausted afterwards. But I definitely think that I passed, just won’t be a top-grade or anything.


{Indiska – Colorful Butterflies}
This was a really unexpected present and so wonderful! It felt so ME. They’re from this really cute store ”Indiska”, that sells Indian inspired interior design stuff like this mini-bulb strand seen above, kitchen utensils and clothes. It was nice to get some color in the apartment, I’m so want it to be spring already I mean when is it going to stop snowing and be so fricking cold? In this picture there’s also a hint about how we decorated with our new shelves, I’ll try to snap some pictures tomorrow.


{Two-ingredient-cookies — Banana and Rolled Oats}
If you recall I wrote about starting up this new training regime not too long ago? I was going to follow Cassey Ho’s instructions and do Pilates-inspired training. But don’t let the name fool you, it’s hardcore and it basically consists of Calisthenics, Aerobics (Cardio) and Circuit training. And have I kept on going? YES! I’ve trained 6 days a week for almost two weeks now (will be 2 weeks tomorrow). I’m actually proud of myself and I’ve tried to eat clean and on that note: what you can see in the picture above is a type of cookie for when your cravings set in (and they do! At least for me). It consists of only ingredients: 1 banana and 1 cup rolled oats (2,36 dl – havregryn). You mix it all up in a mixer and viola! 175 degrees until they get a golden color. The consistence isn’t like normal cookies, but they’re quite okay! You can add dried cranberries or something too if you’d like. I added a tiny dash of cinnamon.

Om rhulth

En adopterad 29-åring med en masterexamen i socialantropologi, arbetar som biståndshandläggare och har en bakgrund som frilansreporter. Jag är en skriv- och läsfantast. Bor utanför Stockholm och kontaktas enklast via *** I'm an adopted 29 year old with a master's in social anthropology, I'm a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I live just outside of Stockholm and if you want to contact me, email me on
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    Grattis i efterskott!


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