Three Things



{Snow – in beautiful sunshine}
Sweden is lovely this time of year, well if there’s snow like now. The snow makes it all better, otherwise it’s usually just dark and cold, but with the snow it makes it a little bit lighter outside at least. And it so beautiful, especially in the winter sunshine. This was taken just a few days ago outside the apartment, on my way to the commuter train. Can’t all days be like this?


{All that glitters – a Christmas-y inspired manicure}
I tried this manicure a few weeks ago and I loved it! I used a pale pink (beige-ish) colour as base (mine comes from a Swedish store called Gina Tricot) and the I used Mavala’s silver glitter wich contains small circular silver dots as well as small sparkly ones, which I think makes it great since I find the normal glitter ones kinda boring. This though feels better and I received lots of compliments due to this homemade manicure, a classmate even thought that I had paid to get it done by a manicurist – egoboost! Usually I don’t do any elaborate manicure, but this one feels great now around Christmas.


{Joe Labero – Pink Drink @ Magic Bar}
Last weekend I went to a bachelorette party, my first ever, and it was really fun. We had dinner at a restaurant called Magic Bar, which hosts magicians during the evenings. The ones that we saw that night were really great, unfortunately I couldn’t stay through out the whole show. Anyway, this was the drink that I ordered, considering that everyone else had drinks when me and C arrived. This one, was called ”Joe Labero” and named after a famous, Swedish magician. It contains Bubble Gum Monin (flavoured beverage syrup) and frozen Bacardi Razz (they’d made it almost like sherbet) and it looked like the picture in the end. A little too sweet for my taste, but it was pretty okay. L (the bride) loved it, so I shared it with her.
 Happy Friday guys!

Om rhulth

En adopterad 29-åring med en masterexamen i socialantropologi, arbetar som biståndshandläggare och har en bakgrund som frilansreporter. Jag är en skriv- och läsfantast. Bor utanför Stockholm och kontaktas enklast via *** I'm an adopted 29 year old with a master's in social anthropology, I'm a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I live just outside of Stockholm and if you want to contact me, email me on
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  1. Leone skriver:

    Måste säga att det är nog det bästa med Sverige; att vi har fyra årstider och att man verkligen känner skillnaden mellan dem.


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