I’m going to write this entry in English, feels appropriate considering the topic. 
If someone were to ask you: what do you think about love? What would you answer?  If someone were to ask you: what do you think about marriage? What would you answer?
If you ask me, I’d say that love is something precious and something beautiful, no matter what. And marriage, well maybe it’s something that isn’t all that important to me at the moment, but I do think that everyone has the right to get married and celebrate their love, legally.
I’m sure that there are a lot of women out there who feel that it’s their given right to vote; some may even take it for granted. Furthermore, I believe that there are a lot of women out there today who are fighting for gender equality – and that’s good, right?
Also, if I were to ask the question, should white people and black/dark(er)-skinned people be allowed to love each other and get married? Well, hopefully the answer to that question would be yes, in most cases. In my opinion we’ve come a long way since that was a heated topic, but when I think about it, have we, really?
I mean back then, when there were people who were against interracial marriages – how do they differ much from the people who are now against same-sex marriages?  
The labels: gay, lesbian, homosexual – shouldn’t matter, they shouldn’t define our rights in society! What have straight people done, that’s so much better? I know that some people say that homosexuals are a disgrace and a threat to the institution of marriage but look at today’s divorce rate between straight people and then look at same-sex couples who are fighting to stay together; no matter the odds, being shunned by society. Maybe those are the couples that’ll actually stay together — I mean, if the institution of marriage was the most important aspect of it all.
I believe that love is beautiful and that same-sex couples deserve to be treated like any other couples. How can we define if someone’s love is more pure, or better than somebody else’s? Love is what makes the world go ‘round, and like The Beatles sung: all you need is love.
In the States there’s a really good organisation called: NOH8  (No Hate), it’s a photographic silent protest in direct response to the passage of proposition 8 (eliminates rights of same-sex couples to marry in the State of California). Read more about NOH8 here. A lot of celebrities have joined in on NOH8’s campaign, among them: Pauley Perrette (NCIS), Christopher Gorham & Anel Lopez Gorham, Kathy Griffin, Ashlee Simpson among others.
Like my very smart and insightful friend A pointed out though, this is mostly a matter of civil rights – if you want to fight for gay rights, it’s best to do so from a civil and secular perspective; the church’ll come later on.
Also check out this video:
Zach Wahls, 19, University of Iowa student.
I think that this is something very important, even if I’m not from the States, I hope that you’ll help me spread the message of marriage equality.

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En adopterad 29-åring med en masterexamen i socialantropologi, arbetar som biståndshandläggare och har en bakgrund som frilansreporter. Jag är en skriv- och läsfantast. Bor utanför Stockholm och kontaktas enklast via *** I'm an adopted 29 year old with a master's in social anthropology, I'm a social worker and have a background as a freelance reporter. I live just outside of Stockholm and if you want to contact me, email me on
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16 kommentarer till NOH8!

  1. det behöver man ju inte, bara jg som gör det. Har tarmsjukdom o min mage mår bättre utan det haha 🙂 äter dock det på helger ^^

    Jaha, södertälje?
    Emma –

  2. Hyarion skriver:

    Are we speaking about the religious institution of marriage? the social institution of marriage? or the governmental institution of marriage? I would try to make the point that those 3 distinctions really are 3 separate categories, each deserving of their own discussion.

  3. Ariel skriver:

    I believe what the LBGT community wants is to get governmental recognition, also know as civil marriage, and get the same rights, benefits and obligations than the rest of the citizens. I don’t think any gay person wants to force churches to marry gay couples (there are even some christians denominations that already do that). So I would say the 3rd one.

  4. Ariel skriver:

    And when I said LBGT, I meant LGBT

  5. Suger på engelska, klarar inte att läsa allt det där. Haha.

    Emma –

  6. Lissie skriver:

    Du är grym på att skriva även på engelska! Och jag håller förstås med dig helt och fullt! Det här är ju mitt ämne, så jag borde ha något vettigt att skriva men… jag vet inte. Jag har verkligen inte funderat så mycket kring detta, jag har fullt upp med mig själv 😉 Men det är ju klart, alla som vill gifta sig borde få gifta sig. Punkt.

    Kul med ditt plugg, såg ju att det stod i din presentationstext vad du pluggar. Jag är så uppmärksam….. Hoppas det går bra iaf! 🙂

    Jag vet inte riktigt hur det känns ang diagnoser och medicin… eller, ganska bra antar jag. Det var ungefär det här utfallet jag hoppades på, och jag har ätit medicin förut och det var en hjälp. Så jag provar gärna igen. Och vad det gäller diagnoser så… jag har ju snurrat runt i vårdkarusellen i ganska många år nu så det känns ändå som att jag är på rätt ställe nu och de tar mig på allvar.

    God jul på dig, förresten, om vi inte hörs innan dess. Ha det finast 🙂 Stor kram

  7. Here’s our interview with Zach about how his life has changed after this speech thrust him into the public eye, what it was like growing up with two mothers, what led him to decide to go and speak before the House of Representatives, and what other young people can do to fight for equality and speak out against intolerance.

  8. Josefin skriver:

    sv: ABI är vi abiturienter, vi på avgångsklassen. 🙂

    Hur har din dag varit?


  9. Vivi skriver:

    Bra skrivet, har du skrivit texten själv ? Riktigt bra och läsvärd!
    Jag anser att giftemål egentligen är en ganska förlegad tridtion och då är jag ändå gift själv 🙂 Samtidigt är det något otroligt vackert med giftemålet och själva vigseln, att få stå där och lova trohet inför alla nära och även en högre makt. Det är en möjlighet som alla borde få oavsett sexuell läggning !

    Ja tiden har verkligen gått otroligt fort, det ska bli riktigt skönt att få lite julledigt även om det inte blir så mycket extra ledighet 🙂

  10. Josefin skriver:

    Sv: Det blev en riktigt lyckad kväll! Vi åt god mat och prata och skrattade 🙂
    Jaamen det låter ju mysigt! 🙂

    Idag måste jag vara med i en julkonsert. Blir att sjunga massa julsånger, hoppas jag hittar julstämningen på samma gång då!
    Hur ser din dag ut då?


  11. Josefin skriver:

    sv: tack ska du ha! 🙂 Ja, sjöng i kör ganska ofta förr och nu har jag inte gjort det på länge, så det ska bli riktigt kul! Lite snö har vi faktiskt, så nu blir det lite lättare att få julstämning. Ha ni snö hos er?

    Det låter ju riktigt mysigt!


  12. HEHE vi skojar 🙂

    EN kompis ska komma hit ikväll om jag orkar och så.. Vad ska du göra?:)

    Emma –

  13. anniepiie skriver:

    Intressant inlägg! 🙂 Visst är kärlek fint!! SV: jaa, det kan bli lite mkt om man inte är hungrig! 😛 Åhh det lät ju himla gott med kademumma i! 🙂 Jaa över jul bör alla ha ledigt lite iaf! 😀 Kraam

  14. Vilken del i det var det du inte förstod? 🙂 (låter drygt menar det inte så haha) När man vill ha någon men inte vågar stå för det, typ..

    Jaha, vart bor de då ? 🙂

    Emma –

  15. Lisa skriver:

    You wondered what I would say if someone asked me ”What do you think about love?”
    I’d say love is… There’s no good description on what love is. Love come in so many different levels. Besides loving a girl-/boyfriend, you can love your family and friends to the point where you would do anything for them just to keep them safe. Those are the ”classic loves”, but I can’t help but think that even a conciderate thought is an act of love, even if it is the simplest thing as open a door for someone. I don’t want this to come out as a cliché, but without love there wouldn’t be a world to live in.
    You also wondered what I would say if someone asked me what I think about marriage.
    Well, I’m not religious, but the way I see it marriage is more that just religion. I, for one, think that marriage is about loving someone and wanting to spend the rest of their life with this someone, even if it’s more of a temporary thing than a permanent one. Same-sex relationships are based on love, and I don’t see how love could ever be a sin. And also; we are not supposed to judge — God is. Let Him do the work; just let go of all the hate.
    Heterosexuals can get married. Criminals can marry. Mentally ill can marry. Why should the LGBT-community be left out?

    Black, white, olive toned, Asian, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual… The only lable that’s not being used is human.


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