Bump Update – Week 21

We’re officially past the 20th week, so now we’re halfway there! Woho. While the pregnancy has been pretty good, this week I had a bit of a setback. The migraine came back. It’s so horrible, I’ve had headaches before, but this is something else entirely. It hurts so badly and when it’s at its worse I can’t even walk straight. This time around the usual paracetamol didn’t work so I was at a loss. Luckily my midwife booked me an appointment with their doctor to discuss what to do about it. I’m not entirely sure it’s pregnancy related, or if it’s a bit of a delayed reaction to the stressful situation at work. Luckily my co-workers have been so nice throughout all of this, and even if I felt bad about being at home at the end of this 21st week (because that’s just the person that I am), they were all so supportive and understanding.

By the way, am I the only one who feels guilty when I’m home sick? It feels like I’m slacking off, even if I have a legitimate reason for staying home. I actually had a discussion with some women from a pregnancy group on Facebook about this, and a lot of them could relate. One of the women suggested it was a type of a ‘good girl syndrome’ and it does sound like it a bit doesn’t it? I mean, whenever one of my co-workers are out sick, I never think that they’re slacking off and the only thing I say to them is to take care of themselves and that it’s important that they think about their health. How come you’re often that much harder on yourself? Oh, well.

On to happier things! I had a meeting with my midwife and she checked up on my blood pressure and all that. It would seem that my blood pressure continues to be nice and low, it actually hasn’t changed since I got pregnant. I know some women suffer from higher blood pressure during pregnancy. I also got to listen to Mini’s heartbeat, turns out the machine she used wasn’t that different than when it came to the home one that I borrowed from my coworker earlier on in the pregnancy. At least the sound quality wasn’t that much better. It was so nice to hear Mini’s swishing heartbeats, it beat at 150 at that point. A perfectly normal range! So all seemed to be good, with both myself and the little one!

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Bump Update – Week 20

Routine ultrasound week! I’m so excited and yes, we thought about finding out the sex of the baby.

Before you bite me head off, I know that knowing the sex of the baby isn’t the most important thing, of course it isn’t! The most important thing is that Mini is doing well. That said, even though the pregnancy has felt way more real now that I can feel Mini fluttering around in there, I just wanted to feel even closer. Knowing the sex, I don’t know, to me it would allow me to imagine a face to this little one who’s so loved already. Can we just stop with all the (mom) shaming? If you think that finding out the sex is completely irrelevant, or you’d rather have a surprise, that’s great. There’s no need to tell me that it’s stupid. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to feel like I’d like to know. We all have our reasons behind things, and that’s okay.

The ultrasound was such a lovely experience, my eyes were glued to the screen as they (the midwife and her student) zoomed in and measured each and every part of Mini. Looking at the little heart fluttering in there, it was so great. D was with me this time too, which was great for the both of us. I could tell, even before we arrived at the appointment, that Mini was super active. The whole train ride, I could feel flutters like crazy; maybe Mini could tell I was excited. The movements continued throughout the whole exam and I could tell the student occasionally got a bit nervous about it. Poor thing. The midwife had to take over at times and they had to return to check on the heart since the little one kept moving around. Ha. It’s definitely our baby.

In the end she just said that I could wipe off the gel and that they were ready. I asked if they’d seen the sex, but the student said she’d been preoccupied to check on all the other things that she hadn’t noticed anything. The midwife said that checking the sex wasn’t included in the exam, but that she could check quickly. We’d already been there for about 45 minutes, so I think they were a bit stressed. The midwife took over and checked, at this point however, our little babe had put itself into a position with the umbilical chord between its legs, so they couldn’t tell.

I spoke to a few co-workers about this afterwards and they asked me if I’d noticed when they measured Mini’s legs. I did remember and they asked if I’d seen anything at that point (between the legs) and I didn’t. They also said that during exams like that, sometimes they determine that it’s a girl by what they don’t see and given the fact that they’d hadn’t reacted at all during the exam; it might point to the fact that Mini’s a girl. We’ll see. I’m just looking forward to Mini getting here, regardless! And I’m thrilled that the exam went well and that everything looked good!

I’m also happy that I asked them to look for the sex, even if we didn’t find out, we got the most amazing ultrasound picture! Mini is a very limber little one and D just laughed and said that it must have gotten it from me, because it’s definitely not from him. It kind of looks like Mini’s smiling too! ❤

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Baby: Mini measures 25,6 centimeters from head to heel and weighs about 300 grams. During this week the baby will be developing more regular sleep patterns and you might become aware of them – especially since most babies get more active when mom tries to sleep. At this point in your baby’s development, most of the energy is utilized in gaining weight. The placenta has reached its maximum thickness and is busy supplying your baby all the nutrients and oxygen and disposing of the wastes. (Info from the Pregnancy+ app).

Me: I’ve felt better this week! Not as tired and things at work has started to dial down, luckily. My mood as been quite leveled too and I don’t know, it’s like I feel more like my pre-pregnancy self. Soon we’re halfway there and a part of me just wants to meet Mini, but there’s another part of me that doesn’t want this part to end.

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Bump Update – Week 19

Quite a late update, sorry about that guys! Things at work was a nightmare last week and I was just super exhausted. I was in bed around 9 PM every night. D was the one who stayed up later than me, which says a lot. I’m always the night owl and have been since I was a teenager. I don’t know, maybe it was a mix of being pregnant and the work situation affecting me.

Baby: The baby measures about 20 centimeters between head to toe and weighs about 170 grams at the beginning of the week and 220 at the end. The baby teeth have formed even if they’re not visible.

Me: I’ve been super tired, like I mentioned above, I’m not sure if it’s due to the work situation or the pregnancy; but probably a mix of both. My appetite varied somewhat, probably due to stress. It’s been amazing to feel Mini move around in there though, it’s a feeling like none other. I can’t wait to meet this little one.

I can still wear a pair of my low waist jeans, they’re super stretchy and comfortable. I actually prefer them to the maternity jeans I ordered from ASOS, though I haven’t given the latter a proper try just yet. To be fair, my regular jeans were definitely too big pre-pregnancy. Looking back at old pictures from when I was only five weeks pregnant, I’m baffled. I can’t even remember how it feels to have a ”flat” tummy like that, and I thought I was kind of big before. Hah! Pregnancy really puts things into perspectives, doesn’t it?

If you’re a short woman like me (around 5’1), where did you find your best maternity pants?

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Bump Update – Week 18

Week 18 has come and gone, it goes by so fast now. I realized that I never posted any baby facts in my last post. You know, more factual stuff, but I’ll do that going forward. The last post was more of a catch-up post anyway.

I use an app called Preglife (you can choose either Swedish or English language in the app). This is a little info, taken from the app, about week 18.

Baby: Mini is about 18 centimeters long (measured head to foot) and weighs 125 grams in the beginning of the week and around 160 grams at the end. The baby is having a really active period, kicking, making faces, doing somersaults and wriggling around. Its unique fingerprints are forming.

Let me tell you, just as week 18 started I felt like a buff or a poke, very low in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was Mini moving, or just my imagination. I’ve heard people say that you might mistake your rumbling stomach or movements in your intestines for your baby moving. However with a history of lactose intolerance, I know those type of movements pretty well, ha. The small buff/poke I was feeling wasn’t any rumbling or my intestines, I knew that. Still I wasn’t sure – maybe I just wanted to feel the movements so badly. As the week moved along however, I became pretty sure that it was indeed baby movements, which was so cool and amazing! Other than that, I’ve had some headaches, not too bad ones though. My appetite declined during the week but mostly due to other things happening in my life, stress usually has that effect on me. Also, the bump is visible now, it’s pretty cute. I do get self-conscious about it though and a part of me is still worried that I’ll get too big, I’m a fairly petite or at least short, so…but so far it’s a pretty small bump I’d say.

I’ve noticed that Mini can put pressure on my bladder, which means waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Something I’ve never had to do before. I can still sleep on my stomach though, which is a blessing since it’s what I’m used to. The lower back pain comes and goes, it’s still one-sided. I try to walk and stay active, but this week has been hard! A lot of shit went down at work, so it’s drained all of my energy. I’ve been in bed between 9 and 10 PM each night basically, which for me, a night owl, is rare.

To you preggers out there, when did you first start to feel movements during your first pregnancy?

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All Those Comments

Let’s get real

Today I had an interesting conversation with a wonderful woman, Rachel, that I’ve met online. Like me she’s pregnant with her first child, though she’s four weeks ahead of me. Today she posted on her Instagram that those weird body comments had started to roll in, now that people can tell that she’s pregnant. For example things like:

”Wow, you’re really getting wider”

”OMG you’re going to be huge!”

”Your boobs are so much bigger!”

”I gained a lot of weight in my back, too.”

”Get ready for stretchmarks”

Now some of you might shake your heads thinking that these comments are not that big of a deal, or if anything they should be easy to shake off. I’m going to be honest though, these types of comments made me dread becoming pregnant. It was actually a mental conversation I needed to have with myself upon deciding if I could go through with it at this point in my life. Luckily for me, I think I can. I think that I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can ━ at least to some extent ━ let those kind of comments roll of my back without them getting me down. That said, getting comments like these ones above, they will probably make me think for a second and they might affect me. Now, I can only speak for myself, but I think a lot of women struggle with handling these comments. Comments that I sense that especially older generations are prone to make.

For years I’ve had, let’s just say a complicated relationship with food and weight. Being skinny is something that I’ve tried to aspire to, even though I probably only have a few instances in my adult life when I might have described myself as skinny(-ish). If even that. I’ve grown up hearing that gaining, even one kilo, is bad. Now, logically and intellectually, of course I know that I’m pregnant now. A state which in gaining weight is completely normal and necessary even. Still, if I got a comment like ”you’re going to be huge” I’d probably stop to think for a second and question myself thinking that maybe I’m too big.

This week, or at the end of my 17th week of pregnancy (currently in my 18th week), my bump started being visible, maybe you could say that I’ve popped. People have started commenting that you can see it, now that’s more of an okay comment. I can tell people mean well and that it’s meant as kind of an encouragement. Still, some days, I’ll get insecure. My mind will go ”Oh? Is that bad? Is it too early to be showing? Am I too big?” Being pregnant for the first time and with all that it entails, isn’t easy, especially not when you’ve grown up in a society that celebrate flat stomachs and pregnancies that are ”only belly,” meaning basically nothing else on your body changes apart from your protruding stomach.

It’s so weird, in one way I’m super stoked, proud and happy that my bump is finally starting to come in, mainly because hopefully I won’t look like I’m ”just fat,” (not that it’s bad to be fat, but mentally for me that phase has been a bit challenging and created some worry) but that I’m actually pregnant. Then again, there’s still that kind of self-deprecating part that makes me insecure and think that I’m too big, or think that maybe I’ve gained too much weight. Which in turn sparks guilt too, since I’m pregnant and shouldn’t I just be completely happy and not worry about these things like getting bigger? Ugh, it’s just a lot to handle and it doesn’t help that this is all going so fast! I’m just now starting to realize that I’m actually pregnant.

With this post I just wanted to create some awareness and hopefully gain some understanding. The way that people tend to speak very freely about other people’s bodies, why do we even do that? I mean, by all means, tell someone they look beautiful or say something complimenting. I just really don’t see the point of telling someone that they look huge, or that they’re so big and/or wide. Would you like to hear that? Just be kind and thread lightly, yeah?

Any gals out there who are in the same situation, what are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear them!

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Week 17

Baby & Bump Update


Since I haven’t updated much before this, I can just add a little summary about the weeks that has passed.

Week 6:  I started to feel queasy a little on and off, it wasn’t too bad though. The only clue that something was actually different was the fact that my boobs felt ache-y (hey, flashbacks to teenage years when the boobs always felt like that during that time of the month).

Week 7: That’s when the nausea hit. The vegan cheese (I’m not vegan, but it’s the easiest way for me to be able to enjoy something cheese-y since I’m lactose intolerant) that I usually love didn’t even taste that good. I remember that it was so hard to determine what I was in the mood for when it came to eating things. With my boobs still feeling ache-y sleeping on my stomach, which has always been my go-to for falling asleep, started feeling difficult. I was discouraged, if it felt hard Now! How would it feel when I actually got a stomach?! Ugh. I didn’t think my boobs would bother my much, considering they’re already big to begin with, I guess I was wrong. Ha. During the week I considered taking some over the counter anti-nausea meds (midwife approved), when I found out they contained more lactose than the active ingredient however, I decided against it. During this week I also started needing something to eat on my bedside table so that I could slowly eat it when I woke up, otherwise the nausea would hit when I got up. Bananas and blood oranges were my friends.

Week 8: Welcome migraine. As if the nausea wasn’t enough. To those of you out there who struggle with migraines on a daily basis, I have a newfound respect for you. It’s horrible. I couldn’t even walk straight when the worst one hit, it was a struggle even to get into bed. Kryptoniter (Swedish candy) helped during the day when nausea waves hit. Tiredness also hit, wow, this was a new level of drained. I worried (and still do to some extent) about the risk of pre-eclampsia, apparently if you haven’t had migraines prior to the pregnancy you run a higher risk of developing pre-eclampsia in the later stages of pregnancy.

Week 9: This was the week of feeling bloated. I was hungry a lot, ate a lot, and it felt like digestion took F O R E V E R. Mentally this was really difficult for me, I felt ugly, fat and all those negative things. During this week I also had the first meeting with my midwife which went great, she’s so nice.

Week 10: At times I felt like my old self, or more like my normal self. Very tired and also started throwing up, mainly after having eaten dinner.

Week 13: CUB-screening! I was so nervous during the day before and started Googling the odds of chromosome changes when you’re 30 years old. The risk/probability of the foetus having one of three chromosome changes (that the screening looks for) gets higher with age of the mother. Everything went great though (you can read about it in my first pregnancy related post). Getting to see Mini (or nickname for our little babe) was so cool and wonderful!

Week 14: Started feeling better, the nausea mainly hits when my blood sugar is low.

Week 17

Fast forward to today. I can’t believe week 17 has come and gone, we’re soon halfway there! This week has been pretty good. Appetite has come back and sometimes I literally feel like a bottomless hole, as though I could continue to eat forever. The lower back ache that appeared a few weeks ago is a bit better and I’ve also invested in a belly band for days when doesn’t feel that good. I can still use two of my regular pants, however only those that were a bit too big for me pre-pregnancy. I’ve bought two mama leggings however and a pair of maternity jeans. I’ve felt pretty good, though the nausea still hits when my blood sugar is low.

If you have any questions, please, send them my way.

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It’s pretty incredible, isn’t it?
Truth be told, it doesn’t even feel real just yet. I’m so happy though. Our little Mini (yeah, Mini is our little nickname for the little babe at the moment. It just didn’t feel right to call the baby ”it”).

The ultrasound picture is from our early CUB screening that was done at week 13 (12+6). CUB is a combined ultrasound and biochemical screening. The day before the CUB screening I was so nervous, I Googled (yeah, I know, exactly what you’re not supposed to do) statistics for first time pregnant mothers at the age of 30. The test is a way of finding out the probability of the baby having Down syndrome as well as two other, less common chromosome changes. The stories that were posted online were mainly negative ones, but then again, what do you expect to find when you Google these kind of stuff? Needless to say, it did nothing to calm me down. At the screening however, everything turned out great. We got the best odds that the test can give, which was 1 in 20.000 (for all three). I was so relieved and it was magical seeing Mini move around in there, at this point it felt super unreal. I had no real stomach, maybe a little bit of bloat. Mini was so cute and it was quite an emotional thing to go through.

I’ve kept a diary of sorts in one of my pregnancy apps, but figured that I wanted to move my writing to my blog. I realize this topic might not suit everyone who reads this, but I just don’t want to forget things. Time goes by so fast and I just know that if I don’t start writing these things down, this whole journey will just be a big blur at the end and I don’t want that; I mean, you never know whether this will be my last pregnancy or not. I won’t drag this post out, but my goal is to update whenever I can. The first few entries after this might be longer due to the fact that I’ll have to summarized what has already gone down. I can’t believe I’m already at 15+6, tomorrow I’ll enter week 17(!) And it still doesn’t feel all that real, ha!

I hope you guys will wanna follow me through this journey. If you have any questions or anything, please, just leave a comment.


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